Wiener Coleopterologen Verein

Water Beetles of China

The results of the CHINA WATER BEETLE SURVEY, one of the world's most comprehensive biodiversity projects, are presented in three hardcover volumes: 

JÄCH, M.A. & JI, L. (eds.): Water Beetles of China. Vol. I (1995), 410 pp.; Vol. II (1998), 371 pp.; Vol. III (2003), VI+572 pp. - Wien: Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft in Österreich and Wiener Coleopterologenverein. 

A total of 496 localities has been investigated thoroughly in 20 of the 33 administrative regions of China in the last decade. Supplementary material from Taiwan and additional Chinese administrative regions became available through numerous private collections. Almost 200 new species (and subspecies), and nine new genera (and subgenera) of aquatic and riparian Coleoptera are described from China and neighbouring areas in the three volumes of WATER BEETLES OF CHINA. On more than 1300 pages numerous taxonomic revisions and keys are published by 50 (!) authors from 18 countries. The three books are richly illustrated with many colour plates showing more than 80 top quality habitus paintings (mostly by the famous artist W. Zelenka), more than 80 habitat photographs, and dozens of distribution maps. 

Several rare species, e.g. Colymbetes minimus (originally collected by the famous explorer Sven Hedin in 1901), Mataeopsephus nitidipennis (not collected since 1849!), or Metagyrinus sinensis have been rediscovered. A photograph of Hygrobia davidi, regarded as extinct, is provided. 

Several contributions are dedicated to larval morphology. For the first time, the habitus of a hydraenid larva (i.e. Ochthebius gonggashanensis) is depicted in colour. 

Two families, Epimetopidae and Torridincolidae, are recorded from China for the first time. The discovery of an entirely new beetle family, Aspidytidae, which was detected in central China in 1995, is reported. 


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