Wiener Coleopterologen Verein

Vol. 2 (1998)

Water Beetles of China
Jäch, M.A. & Ji, L.: China water beetle survey (1995 - 1998), p.1
Sampling localities (numbers 141 - 347) of the China Water Beetle Survey (1995 - 1998) are described. A few corrections and additions to Water Beetles of China (Vol. I) are presented.
Jäch, M.A.: Annotated check list of aquatic and riparian beetle families of the world, p.25
An annotated check list of aquatic and riparian beetle families of the world is compiled. Definitions are proposed for the terms "True Water Beetles", "False Water Beetles", "Phytophilous Water Beetles", "Parasitic Water Beetles", "Facultative Water Beetles" and "Shore Beetles". Hydroscapha hunanensis PU is recorded for the first time from Shaanxi.
Jäch, M.A. & Easton, E.R.: Water beetles of Macao, p.43
The water beetles known from Macao so far are listed. Records of 25 species are listed of which 23 are considered new records for the territory of Macao. Copelatus subfasciatus ZIMMERMANN, Leiodytes nicobaricus REDTENBACHER, and Amphiops globus ERICHSON are recorded for the first time from China.
Jäch, M.A.: Torridincolidae: I. First record of Torridincolidae from China, p.51-52.
Torridincolidae (Coleoptera) are recorded for the first time from China. Three specimens collected in Fujian and Anhui are identified as Satonius sp.
Beutel, R.G.: Torridincolidae: II. Description of the larva of Satonius kurosawai (Satô, 1982), p.53
Third instar larvae of Satonius kurosawai (SATÔ) (Coleoptera: Torridincolidae) are described. They are characterized by a strongly flattened, ovoid body, 4 stemmata which are inserted on a distinct elevation, broad tergal extensions with lateral contact hairs on the thoracic segments, laterally inserted abdominal spiracular gills, and fixed urogomphi. Satonius ENDRÖDY-YOUNGA is the sistergroup of Torridincolinae. The ovoid body shape, a nearly semicircular thorax which is about as long as the abdomen, fused labral sensillae, and a strongly reduced trapezoid or triangular abdominal sternite IX are synapmorphies of Satonius and Torridincolinae. The monophyly of Torridincolinae is suggested by the reduced number of 3 stemmata and the presence of frayed setae on the labrum.
Wewalka, G.: Dytiscidae: I. The Chinese species of Microdytes Balfour-Browne with description of a new species, p.61
The Chinese species of Microdytes (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) are reviewed. New faunistic records are given. A key to the Chinese species known so far is compiled. A new species, M. lotteae, is described.
Toledo, M.: Dytiscidae: II. The genus Nebrioporus Régimbart, 1906 in China, p.69
The Chinese species of the genus Nebrioporus RÉGIMBART, 1906 (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) are revised. Eight species are recognised. A new subspecies of Nebrioporus formaster (ZAITZEV, 1908), N. formaster jaechi ssp.n., is described from Tibet. A lectotype is designated for N. amurensis SHARP, 1882. Nebrioporus melanogrammus (RÉGIMBART, 1899) is considered a valid species and is recorded for the first time from China (Yünnan). A key for the identification of the species is included. New synonymies: Hydroporus airumlus KOLENATI, 1845 = Deronectes amurensis SHARP, 1882; Deronectes indicus SHARP, 1882 = Potamonectes manii VAZIRANI, 1970; Hydroporus melanogrammus RÉGIMBART, 1899 = Potamonectes satie VAZIRANI, 1980. The synonymy Hydroporus kashmirensis RÉGIMBART, 1899 = Hydroporus airumlus KOLENATI, 1845 is confirmed.
Biström, O.: Dytiscidae: III. The Hyphydrus Illiger species of China, p.93
The Hyphydrus ILLIGER (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) species thus far recorded from China are listed and keyed. The distribution of the species, based on verified records, is presented. Hyphydrus fangensis BISTRÖM & SATÔ is recorded for the first time from China. The genus Hyphydrus is recorded for the first time from Tibet.
Hendrich, L.: Dytiscidae: IV. Notes on Chinese Lacconectus Motschulsky, 1855 with description of a new species from Hainan, p.101
The Chinese species of Lacconectus MOTSCHULSKY (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) are reviewed. Lacconectus hainanensis sp.n. is described from Hainan (SW China). It is related to L. strigulifer ZIMMERMANN and L. punctipennis ZIMMERMANN. New Chinese records of L. formosanus (KAMIYA) and a modification to the key to the species of the genus are presented. Three species are known to occur in China, the record of a fourth species (L. laccophiloides ZIMMERMANN) is doubtful.
Nilsson, A.N.: Dytiscidae: V. The genus Platynectes Régimbart in China, with a revision of the dissimilis-complex, p.107
The Platynectes dissimilis-complex (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) is revised and the following new taxa are described: P. dissimilis major ssp.n. [Vietnam], P. javanus sp.n. [Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Java], and P. ranongensis sp.n. [Thailand]. The Platynectes species recorded from China are reviewed. Platynectes hainanensis sp.n. is described from Hainan. Platynectes kashmiranus J. BALFOUR-BROWNE is recorded from China (Yünnan, Tibet) for the first time; specimens possibly belonging to P. chujoi SATÔ are recorded from Shandong.
Roughley, R.E., Xie, W. & Yu, P.: Amphizoidae: Description of Amphizoa smetanai sp.n. and supplementary description of A. davidi Lucas, p.123
A new species, Amphizoa smetanai (Coleoptera: Amphizoidae), is described from Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, China. The adult female of Amphizoa davidi LUCAS is described for the first time in this paper. A revised key to the adults of all six known species (three North American and three Chinese) of Amphizoa is provided.
Vondel, B.J. van: Haliplidae: Additional notes on the Haliplidae of China and neighbouring countries, p.131
Additional faunistic data on the Haliplidae (Coleoptera) of China and neighbouring countries are given. Several species are for the first time reported from countries or Chinese provinces.
Mazzoldi, P.: Gyrinidae: New species of Orectochilus Dejean, 1833 subgenus Patrus Aubé, 1838, p.137
Four new Chinese species of Orectochilus subgen. Patrus AUBÉ (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae) are described: O. jaechi [Hainan], O. jilanzhui [Hainan], O. schillhammeri [Guangxi], and O. wangi sp.n. [Anhui, Zhejiang].
Jäch, M.A. & Díaz, J.A.: Hydraenidae: I. The Taiwanese species of the genus Hydraena Kugelann, p.147
The Taiwanese species of Hydraena KUGELANN (subgen. Hydraenopsis JANSSENS) (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) are reviewed. Twelve new species are described: Hydraena bilobata, H. compressipilis, H. curtipalpis, H. inopinata, H. isolinae, H. jengi, H. leei, H. orchis, H. plurifurcata, H. porcula, H. undulata, and H. wangi. Hydraena sauteri d'ORCHYMONT is redescribed.
Jäch, M.A.: Hydraenidae: II. The Taiwanese and Japanese species of Ochthebius Leach, p.173
Thirteen species of Ochthebius LEACH (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) from Japan and Taiwan are treated. Six new species are described: Ochthebius (Asiobates) formosanus [Taiwan], E. (? Enicocerus) japonicus [Japan], E. (? Enicocerus) ilanensis [Taiwan], O. (s.str.) jengi [Taiwan], O. (s.str.) nipponicus [Japan], and O. (s.str.) strigoides [Taiwan]. The following new synonymies are proposed: Ochthebius hasegawai NAKANE & MATSUI, 1986 (= O. mamagri SHATROVSKIY, 1989); Ochthebius danjo NAKANE, 1990 (= O. yumiae MATSUI & DELGADO, 1997). A new species group is established for O. jengi. Ochthebius strigosus CHAMPION is transferred to Ochthebius s.str. Ochthebius nakanei MATSUI and O. hasegawai are redescribed. The aedeagus of O. coomani d'ORCHYMONT from Vietnam is illustrated in addition to 10 species from Taiwan and Japan. Ochthebius inermis is recorded for the first time from Taiwan. Ochthebius satoi is recorded for the first time from Nei Mongol, Shaanxi, Shandong and Hokkaido. The status of Enicocerus STEPHENS is briefly discussed.
Ji, L. & Jäch, M.A.: Epimetopidae: Synopsis of the genus Eumetopus Balfour-Browne, p.195
Eumetopus BALFOUR-BROWNE (Coleoptera: Epimetopidae) is revised taxonomically. All known species are treated and two new species are described: Eumetopus asperatus (CHAMPION) [India, Nepal], E. bullatus (SHARP) ["India"], E. flavidulus (SHARP) [Sri Lanka, India], E. maindroni (RÉGIMBART) [India], E. acutimontis sp.n. [China], and E. tibialis sp.n. [Thailand]. A lectotype is designated for Eumetopus maindroni (RÉGIMBART). A key to the species is provided. The family Epimetopidae is recorded for the first time from China, Thailand and Nepal.
Ji, L. & Schödl, S.: Hydrophilidae: Faunistic notes on Hydrocassis Deyrolle & Fairmaire and Ametor Semenov, with descriptions of new species, p.207
Four new species of Hydrocassis DEYROLLE & FAIRMAIRE and one new species of Ametor SEMENOV (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) are described: H. anhuiensis [Anhui, Jianxi], H. pseudoscapha [Anhui], H. sichuana [Sichuan], H. uncinata [Laos, Yünnan], and A. elongatus [Sichuan]. Faunistic notes on Hydrocassis lacustris (SHARP), H. imperialis (KNISCH), H. scapha d'ORCHYMONT, H. scapulata DEYROLLE & FAIRMAIRE, H. taiwana SATÔ, Ametor rudesculptus SEMENOV and A. rugosus (KNISCH) are given. Hydrocassis imperialis is recorded from Anhui for the first time, H. scapha from Anhui, Fujian, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Sichuan, H. scapulata from Gansu and Ametor rudesculptus from Himachal Pradesh (India). The first record of the genus Hydrocassis for Nei Mongol is presented.
Ciampor, F. & Kodada, J.: Elmidae: I. Taxonomic revision of the genus Macronychus Müller, p.219
The genus Macronychus MÜLLER (Coleoptera: Elmidae) is revised taxonomically. Six new species are described from Southeast Asia: M. jaechi sp.n., M. jendeki sp.n., M. kubani sp.n., M. reticulatus sp.n., M. sulcatus sp.n. and M. ultimus sp.n. A key and a catalogue with main references, synonyms and distribution is given. Three species groups are proposed: quadrituberculatus group, glabratus group and indicus group. Macronychus is recorded for the first time from Laos and Thailand.
Shepard, W.D.: Elmidae: II. Description of Orientelmis gen.n. and new synonymy in Cleptelmis Sanderson, p.289
Orientelmis gen.n. and O. sinensis sp.n. (Coleoptera: Elmidae) are newly described from China. Cleptelmis parvula NOMURA & BABA is transferred to Orientelmis. Cleptelmis ornata (SCHAEFFER) is synonymized under C. addenda (FALL). A key to the species of Orientelmis is provided.
Lee, C.-F., Yang, P.-S. & Satô, M.: Psephenidae: I. Notes on the East Asian species of Ectopria LeConte, p.297
Two new species and one new subspecies of Ectopria LECONTE (Coleoptera: Psephenidae: Eubriinae) are described from China and Japan: E. chikuni sp.n. (Anhui), E. lobata sp.n. (Sichuan), and E. opaca tomokuni ssp.n. (Tokunoshima Island). Ectopria is recorded from Mainland China for the first time. New faunistic data are provided for Ectopria hsui LEE & YANG, E. opaca opaca (KIESENWETTER) and Ectopria tachikawai (SATÔ).
Lee, C.-F., Jäch, M.A. & Yang, P.-S.: Psephenidae: II. Synopsis of Schinostethus Waterhouse, with descriptions of 14 new species, p.303
The genus Schinostethus WATERHOUSE (Coleoptera: Psephenidae: Eubriinae) is updated taxonomically and faunistically. Two subgenera are recognized: Schinostethus s.str. and Sundodrupeus PIC. Fourteen new species are described: S. (s.str.) brevicornis sp.n. [East Malaysia], S. (s.str.) jii sp.n. [China], S. (s.str.) luzonicus sp.n. [Philippines], S. (s.str.) malickyi sp.n. [Thailand], S. (s.str.) medius sp.n. [Nepal], S. (s.str.) sichuanensis sp.n. [China], S. (Sundodrupeus) albosulcus sp.n. [Vietnam, Laos], S. (Sundodrupeus) laosensis sp.n. [Laos], S. (Sundodrupeus) maculatus sp.n. [West Malaysia], S. (Sundodrupeus) nepalensis sp.n. [Nepal], S. (Sundodrupeus) pacholatkoi sp.n. [Vietnam], S. (Sundodrupeus) priscus sp.n. [East Malaysia], S. (Sundodrupeus) sakaii sp.n. [Philippines], S. (Sundodrupeus) vietnamensis sp.n. [Vietnam, Laos].
Costa, C. & Vanin, S.A.: Eulichadidae: Description of the larva of Eulichas dudgeoni Jäch, with comparative notes on larvae of other Eulichas spp., and on Stenocolus scutellaris LeConte (Coleoptera), p.327
The larva of Eulichas dudgeoni JÄCH, 1995 (Coleoptera: Eulichadidae) from Hong Kong is described and compared with the larva of Stenocolus scutellaris LECONTE, 1853 from California, USA, and Eulichas spp. from Malaysia.
Pütz, A.: Limnichidae: I. Check list and bibliography of the Limnichidae of China and neighbouring countries, p.337
The Limnichidae (Coleoptera) of Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Russian Far East, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are listed. Five genera and 17 species are reported from China.
Pütz, A.: Limnichidae: II. Taxonomic revision of the genus Cephalobyrrhus Pic, p.341
The limnichid genus Cephalobyrrhus PIC (Coleoptera: Limnichidae) is revised. Ten new species from China and one new species from Nepal are described: C. bertiae sp.n. (Yünnan), C. brevipalpis sp.n. (Yünnan), C. emeishanensis sp.n. (Sichuan), C. jaechi sp.n. (Sichuan), C. jiangxiensis sp.n. (Jiangxi), C. jinggangshanensis sp.n. (Jiangxi), C. longipalpis sp.n. (Jiangxi), C. nepalensis sp.n. (Nepal), C. schillhammeri sp.n. (Sichuan), C. schuelkei sp.n. (Sichuan), C. sichuanensis sp.n. (Sichuan). Lectotypes are designated for C. gibbicollis CHAMPION, C. japonicus CHAMPION and C. latus PIC.