Wiener Coleopterologen Verein

Vol. 1 (1995)

Water Beetles of China
Jäch, M.A. & Ji, L.: Introduction, p.5
Jäch, M.A.: Hydroscaphidae, p.33
The Hydroscaphidae of China and neighbouring countries are listed.
Nilsson, A.N.: Noteridae and Dytiscidae: Annotated check list of the Noteridae and Dytiscidae of China, p.35
The 11 species of Noteridae and 233 species of Dytiscidae known from China are listed together with synonyms and faunistic literature references, including 264 titles. The material collected by the CWBS in Jilin and Liaoning (Changbai Mts.) in August 1994 is reported on. The list also includes 16 species doubtfully recorded from or expected to occur in China, and seven unidentified and/or undescribed species recorded from China. All known species records are assigned to provinces when possible. The provincial records are given in a separate Table. The highest numbers of species were found for Sichuan (67), Yünnan (62), Taiwan (56), and Fujian (52). The male genitalia of the species in the Ilybius apicalis group are illustrated.
Wewalka, G. & Brancucci, M.: Dytiscidae: Notes on Chinese Platambus Thomson, with description of a new species, p.97
Platambus jilanzhui sp.n. and P. schillhammeri sp.n. are described from China. They are closely related to P. balfourbrownei Vazirani. New records of five Chinese Platambus species are published; P. balfourbrownei is recorded for the first from China.
Ji, L. & Jäch, M.A.: Amphizoidae (Coleoptera), p.103
Data on the distribution, morphology and bionomics of the Chinese Amphizoidae (Amphizoa davidi Lucas, 1882 and A. sinica Yu & Stork, 1991) are presented. New data are presented on habitat preferences of A. sinica, based on material collected by the author and by the China Water Beetle Survey (CWBS).
Jäch, M.A.: Hygrobiidae (Coleoptera), p.109
Hygrobia davidi Bedel from southeast China (Jiangxi) is compared with the west Palearctic H. hermanni (F.). A photograph of the holotype of H. davidi is provided.
Vondel, B.J. van: Haliplidae: Review of the Haliplidae of China (Coleoptera), p.111
The 21 species of Haliplidae known to occur in China are reviewed. Haliplus sauteri Zimmermann is established as a junior synonym of Haliplus regimbarti Zaitzev. General information on Haliplidae is given. A key to the Chinese species is presented.
Mazzoldi, P.: Gyrinidae: Catalogue of Chinese Gyrinidae (Coleoptera), p.155
A catalogue of Chinese Gyrinidae is compiled, employing data drawn from the literature and new records. 46 species are listed, 19 of which are endemic to China. From the zoogeographical point of view, Oriental species predominate numerically.
Jäch, M.A.: Hydraenidae (Coleoptera), p.173
Thirty-seven species and 4 genera of Hydraenidae from China are listed. A lectotype is designated for Hydraena sauteri d'Orchymont. Hydraena miyatakei Sato and Limnebius glabriventris Shatrovskiy are recorded for the first time from China.
Jäch, M.A.: Hydrochidae (Coleoptera), p.181
The species of Hydrochus Leach from China and neighbouring areas are listed. A new synonymy is established: Hydrochus opacus Motschulsky, 1860 (= H. violaceomicans Motschulsky, 1860 syn.n.)
Angus, R.B.: Helophoridae: The Helophorus species of China, with notes on the species from neighbouring areas (Coleoptera), p.185
An account is given of the 20 Helophorus species known or suspected to occur in China, with additional notes on the 43 non-Chinese species known from the surrounding area. One new subgenus, Thaumhelophorus subgen.n., is erected, and four new species are described: H. (Thaumhelophorus) inexpectatus sp.n. [Assam], H. (s.str.) jaechi sp.n. [China], H. (Rhopalhelophorus) kazakhstanicus sp.n. [Kazakhstan], and H. (R.) laferi sp.n. [Primorye]. Helophorus (R.) matsumurai Nakane is redescribed and its aedeagophore figured. Helophorus lamicola Zaitzev is designated as the type species of the subgenus Lihelophorus Zaitzev, and lectotypes are designated for H. lamicola and H. ser Zaitzev. Helophorus mukawaensis Watanabe, 1983 is synonymized with Helophorus sibiricus Motschulsky, 1860. It is noted that the Helophorus fauna becomes attenuated in the Far East, especially in the Primorye and Japan, and it is suggested that the 20 species so far listed from China may represent about two thirds of the actual fauna.
Gentili, E., Hebauer, F., Jäch, M.A., Ji, L. & Schödl, S.:Hydrophilidae: 1. Check list of the Hydrophilinae recorded from China (Coleoptera), p.207
The Hydrophilinae recorded from China are listed. Crenitis apicalis Reitter is recorded for the first time from China, Berosus japonicus Sharp is recorded for the first time from Taiwan.
Schödl, S. & Ji, L.: Hydrophilidae: 2. Synopsis of Hydrocassis Deyrolle & Faimaire and Ametor Semenov, with descriptions of three new species (Coleoptera), p.221
The systematics and taxonomy of the species of the genera Hydrocassis Deyrolle & Fairmaire and Ametor Semenov are treated. The two genera are treated separately on account of aedeagal differences. Further detailed phylogenetic analyses need to be done to define the relationships of these genera. Nine species are recognized in Hydrocassis. They are arranged in three species groups based on aedeagal features. Three new species, all from China (Yünnan), are described: Hydrocassis baoshanensis sp.n., H. metasternalis sp.n. and H. schillhammeri sp.n. A neotype is designated for Hydrocyclus imperialis Knisch. The four species of the genus Ametor are arranged in three species groups. Lectotypes are designated for Ametor rudesculptus Semenov and Hydrocyclus rugosus Knisch. The following new combinations and new synonymies are established: Hydrocassis scapha d'Orchymont (= H. vietnamica Sat“ syn.n.), Ametor scabrosus (Horn) (= Ametor lucifer (Shatrovskiy) syn.n. et comb.n.), A. rudesculptus Semenov (= A. oberthuri d'Orchymont syn.n., = A. wittmeri Sat“ syn.n.), Ametor rugosus (Knisch) (= Ametor rufrenus (d'Orchymont) syn.n. et comb.n.). The aedeagi of all species are illustrated. A key to the species groups and species of the two genera is provided.
Gentili, E.: Hydrophilidae: 3. The genus Laccobius Erichson in China and neighbouring areas (Coleoptera), p.245
General information about the Hydrophilid genus Laccobius Erichson is provided. A systematic approach to the Chinese members of the genus is attempted. In China and its vicinity 6 subgenera and 51 species presently are known; 7 new species are described: Laccobius munus (Nepal), L. sharmai (Nepal), L. egregius (India, Uttar Pradesh), L. inermis (India, Uttar Pradesh), L. almoranus (India, Uttar Pradesh), L. fuscus (India, Uttar Pradesh), L. globulus (India, Uttar Pradesh). Laccobius nanulus Rottemberg is established as a new synonym of L. biguttatus Gerhardt. A lectotype is designated for L. biguttatus. Each species is figured. Keys for determination and data on the geography and ecology are provided.
Klausnitzer, B.: Scirtidae (Coleoptera), p.287
The Scirtidae of China and neighbouring areas are listed.
Jäch, M.A. & Kodada, J.: Elmidae: 1. Check list and bibliography of the Elmidae of China (Coleoptera), p.289
Abstract: All species of Elmidae hitherto recorded from China are listed alphabetically. Four genera (Graphelmis Deléve, Indosolus Bollow, Macronychus Müller, Vietelmis Deléve) are recorded for the first time from China. A bibliography including all relevant papers on the Elmidae of China and neighbouring countries is included.
Jäch, M.A & Boukal, D.: Elmidae: 2. Notes on Macronychini, with description of four new genera from China (Coleoptera), p.299
Four new genera and four new species of Elmidae (Macronychini) are described: Cuspidevia gen.n. velaris sp.n., Eonychus gen.n. dudgeoni sp.n., Jilanzhunychus gen.n. costatus sp.n., Sinonychus gen.n. lantau sp.n. Indosolus Bollow, originally described as a subgenus of Esolus Mulsant & Rey, is elevated to generic rank. All genera of Macronychini described so far are briefly characterized and depicted in colour.
Kodada, J. & Jäch, M.A.: Dryopidae: 1. Check list and bibliography of the Dryopidae of China (Coleoptera), p.325
All species of Dryopidae hitherto recorded from China are listed alphabetically. The genera Helichus Erichson, Elmomorphus Sharp and Sostea Pascoe are recorded for the first time from China. A bibliography including all relevant papers on the Dryopidae of China and neighbouring countries is added.
Kodada, J. & Jäch, M.A.: Dryopidae: 2. Taxonomic review of the Chinese species of the genus Helichus Erichson (Coleoptera), p.329
Four Chinese species of the genus Helichus are treated. Helichus lareynioides Champion is redescribed. Helichus ussuriensis Lafer and Helichus lareynioides are recorded for the first time from China. H. hasegawai Sato, is proposed as a junior synonym of H. ussuriensis. Two new species, H. haraldi sp.n. and H. crenulatus sp.n., are described from Yünnan. Several taxonomically significant structures are illustrated and a key to the Chinese species is included.
Mascagni, A.: Heteroceridae: Check list of the Heteroceridae of China and neighbouring countries, and description of two new species (Coleoptera), p.341
The Heteroceridae of China and 9 neighbouring countries (Mongolia, Russian Far East, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Tadzhikistan) are listed. Two genera, Littorimus Gozis, 1885 and Heterocerus Fabricius, 1792 and 10 species are reported from China. Two new species, Littorimus taiwanensis (Taiwan) and Littorimus hiekei (Vietnam) are described. Heterocerus nepalensis Mascagni and Littorimus manfredjaechi Mascagni are recorded for the first time from China.
Lee, C.-F. & Jäch, M.A.: Psephenidae: 1. Check list of the Psephenidae of China (Coleoptera), p.349
22 species of Psephenidae from China are listed, including information on the type depository, sex of the holotype, type locality and new distributional records. Notes on the ecology of each subfamily are given. Microeubrianax Pic is synonymized with Psephenoides Gahan. Schinostethus satoi junghuaensis Lee, Yang & Brown is synonymized with S. satoi satoi Lee, Yang & Brown. Mataeopsephus coreanicus Deléve is recorded for the first time from China (Liaoning). Mataeopsephus nitidipennis Waterhouse is recorded for the first time from Hong Kong.
Lee, C.-F. & Yang, P.-S.: Psephenidae: 2. Notes on the genus Homoeogenus Waterhouse (Coleoptera), p.355
A new species of the genus Homoeogenus Waterhouse, H. elongatus sp.n., is described from Yünnan Province, China. This species is easily distinguished from all known species by its elongate aedeagus. Drupeus obscurus Pic, 1923, is redescribed and transferred to the genus Homoeogenus.
Jäch, M.A.: Eulichadidae: Synopsis of the species of the genus Eulichas Jacobson from China, Laos and Vietnam (Coleoptera), p.359
All known species of Eulichas Jacobson from China, Laos and Vietnam are treated. Eight new species are described: Eulichas bertiae sp.n. (Fujian, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan), E. dembickyi sp.n. (South Vietnam), E. dudgeoni sp.n. (Hong Kong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, "North China", North Vietnam), E. horaki sp.n. (Laos, Thailand), E. jendeki sp.n. (North Vietnam, Laos, Yünnan), E. pacholatkoi sp.n. (South Vietnam), E. tenuicornis sp.n. (Hainan) and E. tonkinensis sp.n. (North Vietnam). Lectotypes are designated for Eulichas davidis Deyrolle & Fairmaire, Eulichas funebris Westwood, Eulichas impressicollis Pic, Eulichas phoca Burgeois, Eulichas seillierei Pic, Eulichas sikkimensis Pic, Eulichas undulata Pic and Eulichas uniformis Pic. The following new synonymies are established: Eulichas funebris [= E. davidis syn.n., E. impressicollis syn.n.] and Eulichas sikkimensis [= E. seillierei syn.n.]. A new subgenus of Eulichas, Forficulichas subgen.n., is described.
Caldara, R. & O'Brien, C.W.: Curculionidae: Aquatic weevils of China (Coleoptera), p.389
Seventy-one aquatic or semiaquatic species of Curculionidae belonging to 18 genera are considered: 28 are known from China, whereas the others have not been collected yet in China, but their present known distribution and their collection in adjacent territories make their presence in China very probable. Among the described species already collected in China are: 2 Erirhinus Schönherr, 1 Icaris Tournier, 1 Grypus Germar, 4 Echinocnemus Schönherr, 2 Tanysphyrus Schönherr, 10 Bagous Germar, 4 Neophytobius Wagner, 1 Pelenomus Thomson, 1 Rhinoncomimus Wagner, and 2 Rhinoncus Schönherr. We report general information on habits, immatures and collecting techniques of the aquatic weevils, a key to the genera, with photos and line illustrations useful for their recognition, and a list of species with the main references, synonymies, general range and detailed records for China, biology where available and remarks where necessary. A list of host plant genera is included for most of the herein treated weevil genera. Also, after the examination of the types we established that Hydronomus phytonomoides Voss, 1953 must be transferred to the genus Echinocnemus, and that Lissorhoptrus pseudooryzophilus Guan, Huang & Lu, 1992 must be synonymized with Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel, 1952.
Book review, p.409. (J.C. Morse, L. Yang & L. Tian (eds) (1994): Aquatic insects of China useful for monitoring water quality. Nanjing: Hohai University Press, 570 pp., ISBN 7-5630-0240-5).