Wiener Coleopterologen Verein
A. ANICHTCHENKO & E. KIRSCHENHOFER: A new species, new synonymies, and a new combination in the genus Chlaenius BONELLI, 1810 (Coleoptera: Carabidae), p. 1-7
Chlaenius (Ocybatus) lijiangensis sp.n. (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from China (Yunnan) is described and illustrated. It is closely related with C. (O.) pleuroderus CHAUDOIR, 1883 and C. (O.) taiwanicus KIRSCHENHOFER, 2014. The following new synonymies and new combinations are proposed: C. (Ocybatus) discicollis (LA FERTÉ-SÉNECTÈRE, 1851) = C. (O.) decellei BASILEWSKY, 1968 syn.n. = C. (O.) glaucinus KIRSCHENHOFER, 2007 syn.n.; Chlaenius (Chlaeniellus) flavipes MENETRIES, 1832 = C. (C.) laetiusculus CHAUDOIR, 1856 syn.n. = C. (C.) fraterculus atupus ANDREWES, 1923 syn.n.; C. (C.) laeviplaga frater CHAUDOIR, 1876 comb.n. = C. (C.) laotinus ANDREWES, 1919 syn.n. Chlaenius (C.) laeviplaga CHAUDOIR, 1876 is recorded from Djibouti for the first time.
G. WEWALKA: Revision of the species of the Hydaticus (Prodaticus) pacificus group of the Palearctic, Oriental and Australian Regions, and description of a new species of the H. (P.) bihamatus group (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), p. 9-45
The species of the Hydaticus (Prodaticus) pacificus species group (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) from the Palearctic, Oriental and Australian Regions are revised based on the aedeagal median lobes and the colour patterns of the dorsum. Six species and three subspecies, including three new species (H. jaechi sp.n., H. pauli sp.n. and H. zetteli sp.n.) are treated. One new species of the H. (P.) bihamatus group, H. laosensis sp.n., is also included herein because of its external similarity to H. pacificus AUBÉ, 1838.
Lectotypes are designated for Hydaticus andamanicus RÉGIMBART, 1899 (regarded here as a subspecies of H. pacificus), H. pacificus var. ceylonicus GUIGNOT, 1935, H. pacificus var. latihamatus RÉGIMBART, 1899 (= syn.n. of H. pacificus pacificus), H. pacificus lunatus RÉGIMBART, 1899, H. suffusus RÉGIMBART, 1892, and H. discindens WALKER, 1858 (= H. pacificus var. ceylonicus GUIGNOT, 1935 syn.n. = H. sharpi VAZIRANI, 1969 syn.n. = H. orissaensis NILSSON, 1999 syn.n.). Hydaticus conspersus sakishimanus NAKANE, 1990 is synonymized with H. pacificus conspersus RÉGIMBART, 1899.
A. BILARDO & S. ROCCHI: Neptosternus pusillus sp.n. from Burkina Faso, and Copelatus jaechi sp.n. from Zambia (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), p. 47-49
Two new species of Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) are described: Neptosternus pusillus from Burkina Faso, and Copelatus jaechi from Zambia.
B.J. van VONDEL: Corrections and additions to the "Revision of the Haliplidae of the Neotropical Region including Mexico" (VONDEL & SPANGLER 2008) with description of a new species (Coleoptera: Haliplidae), p. 51-59
Corrections and additions to the "Revision of the Haliplidae of the Neotropical Region including Mexico" (VONDEL & SPANGLER 2008) are presented. Haliplus novateutonianus sp.n. is described from Brazil.
M.A. JÄCH & J.A. DÍAZ: New and little known Palearctic species of the genus Hydraena (s.l.) KUGELANN XI. Descriptions of three new species from the Greek island of Euboea, and taxonomic notes on the Hydraena (s.str.) dryops complex (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), p. 61-81
Three new species of Hydraena s.str. KUGELANN, 1794 are described from the island of Euboea (Greece). Two of these species belong to the H. rufipes group: H. (s.str.) euboia and H. (s.str.) vladimiri, and the third belongs to the H. pulchella group: H. (s.str.) hera. The H. subinflata complex is briefly discussed. Hydraena (s.str.) dryops JANSSENS, 1969 is resurrected, and faunistic notes on the H. dryops complex are provided.
M.A. JÄCH & J.A. DÍAZ: Hydraena (s.str.) namiae, a new species from Toyama Prefecture (Japan) (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), p. 83-89
A new species of Hydraena s.str. KUGELANN, 1794 is described from Japan (Honshu, Toyama Pref.): H. namiae. The new species is closely related to H. kitayamai JÄCH & DÍAZ, 2012 (H. notsui species group).
M.A. JÄCH & J.A. DELGADO: An update of the Hydraena fauna of the Comoro Islands (Indian Ocean), with description of H. (Hydraenopsis) maryae sp.n. from Mayotte (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), p. 91-96
Hydraena maryae sp.n. (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) is described from Mayotte (Comoro Islands, Indian Ocean). Hydraena borbonica ofella BALFOUR-BROWNE, 1958 is elevated to species level.
J. KÖHLER, M.A. JÄCH & J.A. DELGADO: Revision of the Palearctic species of the genus Ochthebius LEACH, 1835 XXXI. Ochthebius scopuli sp.n. from Sardinia (Italy) (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), p. 97-102
Ochthebius (s.str.) scopuli (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), a member of the O. metallescens species group, is described from Sardinia (Italy).
V. ASSING: On the Staphylinidae of the Greek island Lesbos II, with supplementary notes on the fauna of Samos and Chios (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), p. 103-138
A field trip to the Greek island Lesbos conducted in spring 2016 yielded a total of 1640 specimens belonging to 169 species of Staphylinidae. Nine new species are described and illustrated: Myllaena lesbia ASSING sp.n., Aloconota (Aloconota) aegaea ASSING sp.n. (also recorded from Samos), and A. (A.) lesbia ASSING sp.n. of the Aleocharinae, Sunius potti ASSING sp.n. of the Paederinae, Bryaxis lesbius BRACHAT sp.n., Bythinus simplicipalpis BRACHAT sp.n., Protamaurops assingi BRACHAT sp.n., and Tychus lesbius BRACHAT sp.n. of the Pselaphinae, and Stenichnus (Stenichnus) lesbius MEYBOHM sp.n. of the Scydmaeninae. The new species of Paederinae, Pselaphinae, and Scyd- maeninae are most likely endemic to Lesbos. Evidence suggests that Quedius henroti COIFFAIT, 1970, previously considered an endemic of Lesbos, is in fact distributed in the Pelopónnisos rather than in Lesbos. A comprehensive list of the named and unnamed species currently known from Lesbos is provided. Numerous described species are reported from the island for the first time, eight of them represent first records from Greece. The known staphylinid fauna of Lesbos currently includes 199 species, 184 named and 15 unnamed, unidentified, or tentatively identified. Nine (5 %) of the named species and at least two of the unnamed Pselaphinae and Scydmaeninae are hypothesized to be endemic to the island. Thus, despite greater overall diversity and a generally similar composition, the fauna of Lesbos includes fewer island endemics than that of the geographically close and significantly smaller island Samos. As was to be expected, the fauna of Lesbos displays close affiliations with that of the adjacent Turkish mainland. Several species reach their westernmost distribution limit in this island (some of them also in Chios and Samos). As many as six myrmecophilous species have been recorded from Lesbos, five of them associated with Messor spp. and one with Cataglyphis nodus (BRULLÉ, 1833). In an appendix, Ocalea brachyptera FAGEL, 1971 is reported from Chios, the first record of this species from Greece. Aloconota (Aloconota) samia ASSING sp.n. (Samos) of the Aleocharinae and Stenichnus (Stenichnus) chius MEYBOHM sp.n. (Chios) of the Scydmaeninae are described and illustrated.
U. IRMLER: Three new species of Molosoma SAY, 1831 from French Guiana, and a new generic synonymy (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Osoriinae), p. 139-145
Three new species of Molosoma SAY, 1831 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Osoriinae) are described from French Guiana: M. iridescens sp.n., M. nasutum sp.n., and M. orousseti sp.n. Osoriellus FAGEL, 1959 is synonymized with Molosoma SAY, 1831.
H. SCHILLHAMMER: Hybridolinus kyawkhaingwini sp.n. from Myanmar (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae), p. 147-151
Hybridolinus kyawkhaingwini sp.n. (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae) from Myanmar is described and illustrated. Additional data are provided for the closely related H. laosensis SCHILLHAMMER, 2010.
Gy. MAKRANCZY: Typological problems in East Palaearctic Thinodromus KRAATZ, 1857 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae), p. 153-169
Identities of four East Palaearctic Thinodromus KRAATZ, 1857 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytel- inae) species are discussed. Neotypes are designated for Thinodromus anhuiensis LI, 1993, Trogo- phloeus eminens SHARP, 1889 and T. kochi BERNHAUER, 1939. The latter was found in the same sample as a specimen of a rather similar species from China (Shaanxi province) here described as new: Thinodromus crinitus sp.n. A subsequently validated lectotype designation of Trogophloeus deceptor SHARP, 1889 is based on a female, but information about this species is supplemented by paralectotypes (both sexes), and the misidentification of the species in the most recent taxonomic treatment is clarified. The following new synonyms are proposed: Thinodromus eminens (SHARP, 1889) = T. pseudoeminens GILDENKOV, 2003, syn.n. and T. deceptor (SHARP, 1889) = T. proprius GILDENKOV, 2003, syn.n. All five species are illustrated by colour photographs of males and line drawings of terminalia and genitalia.
E. GENTILI & H. SHAVERDO: Review of the genus Laccobius ERICHSON, 1837 from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, with description of a new species (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae), p. 171-198
The genus Laccobius ERICHSON, 1837 (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) from the southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia) is reviewed based on literature study and examination of numerous specimens. The occurrence of 15 species is confirmed for the southern Caucasus. The occurrence of four additional species, recorded from the southern Caucasus by earlier authors, remains unconfirmed. Laccobius (s.str.) albipes KUWERT, 1890 is excluded from the list of Caucasian species due to an obvious mistake in the interpretation of its distribution. Laccobius (Dimorpholaccobius) azerus GENTILI sp.n. from Azerbaijan is described. Laccobius (D.) meridionalis GENTILI, 1974 and L. (D.) aegaeus GENTILI, 1974 are treated as discrete species, and the former is reported for the first time from Azerbaijan. Laccobius (D.) obscuratus orchymonti GENTILI, 1976 (syn.n.) is synonymized with L. (D.) obscuratus obscuratus ROTTENBERG, 1874. Laccobius (Microlaccobius) gracilis sardeus BAUDI, 1864 (syn.n.) is synonymized with L. (M.) gracilis gracilis MOTSCHULSKY, 1855. A key to the subgenera and species, as well as distributions maps are provided.
J.F. MATÉ: Setylaides assamensis sp.n., a new species of Eupariini from India (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), p. 199-203
A new species of Setylaides STEBNICKA, 1994 (Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae: Eupariini) from Assam (India), S. assamensis, is described. An updated key to all known species of Setylaides is provided together with a discussion of their ecology and biogeography.
Y. KAMITE: Revision of the genus Optioservus SANDERSON, 1953, part 3: The O. elegans species group (Coleoptera: Elmidae), p. 205-212
The genus Promoresia SANDERSON, 1953 (Coleoptera: Elmidae) is synonymized with Optioservus SANDERSON, 1953. The Optioservus elegans species group, which includes two species, O. elegans (LE CONTE, 1852) and O. tardellus (FALL, 1925), is newly proposed. Adults and larvae of both species are redescribed.
S. SKALICKY: New species and new records of Tropicus PACHECO, 1964 from Paraguay (Coleoptera: Heteroceridae), p. 213-222
Four new species of Tropicus PACHECO, 1964 (Coleoptera: Heteroceridae) are described from Paraguay: Tropicus hajeki sp.n., T. tadeasi sp.n., T. tinterae sp.n. and T. ulfdrechseli sp.n. Tropicus manni SKALICKY, 2008 and T. tuberculatus PACHECO, 1964 are reported from Paraguay for the first time.
B. KLAUSNITZER: Eine neue Art der Hydrocyphon mirabilis- Artengruppe aus China (Coleoptera: Scirtidae), p. 223-228
A new species of the Hydrocyphon mirabilis species group (Coleoptera: Scirtidae) from China is described and compared with Hydrocyphon mirabilis YOSHITOMI & SATÔ, 2005.
E. GEISER: Additions to the checklist of the Chrysomelidae of Austria (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), p. 229-230
The checklist of the Chrysomelidae of Austria (GEISER 2004) is supplemented with three species: Donacia brevitarsis THOMSON, 1884, Luperomorpha xanthodera (FAIRMAIRE, 1888), and Oreina retenta (WEISE, 1894).
H. SCHMID: Zwei neue neotropische Bockkäfer (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), p. 231-235
Two new species of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) are described: Anisopodus cochabambaensis sp.n. (Bolivia, Peru) and Eumimesis suturalis sp.n. (Ecuador).
H. SCHMID: Zwei neue Calanthemis-Arten aus Afrika (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), p. 237-241
Two new species of Clytini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), Calanthemis wundanyiensis sp.n. from Kenya, and C. alembai from the Democratic Republic of the Congo [formerly: Zaire], are described.
J. RHEINHEIMER: Neue Anthribiden aus Französisch Guayana (Coleoptera: Anthribidae), p. 243-274
Five new species of Strabus JEKEL, 1860 (Coleoptera: Anthribidae), S. brunneus sp.n., S. bullatocollis sp.n., S. cerberus sp.n., S. insignoides sp.n., S. strix sp.n., and six new species of Monocloeus JORDAN, 1904, M. albarius sp.n., M. brulei sp.n., M. cleroides sp.n., M. moraguesi sp.n., M. ramoides sp.n., and M. stellatus sp.n. are described from French Guiana. Strabus annulipes (JORDAN, 1904) comb.n. is transferred from Monocloeus. Strabus annulipes (JORDAN, 1904), S. capucinus (JORDAN, 1904), S. insignis (JORDAN, 1906), S. morulus (JORDAN, 1937), S. planipennis (KIRSCH, 1874), S. subaequalis (FRIESER, 1983), Homocloeus concolor JORDAN, 1904, Monocloeus basalis JORDAN, 1904, M. centralis JORDAN, 1904, M. costatus JORDAN, 1904, M. furvus JORDAN, 1937, M. or JORDAN, 1904, M. rhombifer JORDAN, 1904, Brevibarra scotosagis JORDAN, 1906, Eugonodes marmoreus JORDAN, 1904, Euparius suturalis JORDAN, 1904, and Euxuthus homochrous JORDAN, 1937 are recorded from French Guiana for the first time. All species treated are illustrated. A key to the genera of Anthribidae from French Guiana and to the species of Strabus, Homocloeus, and Monocloeus is provided.
M. KOŠŤÁL & E. COLONNELLI: A new species of Glocianus REITTER, 1916 from Iran, with notes on the taxonomy of this genus, and a new synonymy (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), p. 275-279
Glocianus martini sp.n. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is described from Iran. Characters to differentiate it from G. herbsti (FAUST, 1895) are provided. A lectotype is designated for Ceutorhynchus herbsti FAUST, 1895. Neoglocianus DIECKMANN, 1972 is synonymized with Glocianus REITTER, 1916.
A.V. PETROV & M.Y. MANDELSHTAM: Three new species of the genus Dendrocranulus SCHEDL, 1937 from Peru (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), p. 281-288
Three new species of Dendrocranulus SCHEDL, 1937 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae: Dryocoetini) are described from Peru: D. dervish, D. knizeki, and D. satipensis.
M.A. JÄCH, I.S. PLONSKI & W. SCHÖNLEITHNER: Bemerkenswerte Käferfunde aus Österreich (XXII) (Coleoptera), p. 289-292
Faunistic data of five rare or little known species from Austria are provided. Georissus costatus CASTELNAU, 1840 (Georissidae), Dryops viennensis CASTELNAU, 1840 (Dryopidae), Limnichus incanus KIESENWETTER, 1851 (Limnichidae), Attagenus smirnovi ZHANTIEV, 1973 (Dermestidae), and Bagous diglyptus BOHEMAN, 1845 (Curculionidae). Georissus costatus and Limnichus incanus are confirmed for Central Europe (Austria) for the first time.
E. GEISER: In memoriam Manfred Döberl (1933–2016), p. 293-300