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TOLEDANO, L. 2002: Nomenclatorial revision of the supraspecific taxa of Bembidiini s.str. of South America described by JEANNEL (1962) and related taxa with some considerations on the fauna of South America (Coleoptera: Carabidae). p. 1
The supraspecific groups of Bembidiini sensu stricto of the South American region described or mentioned by JEANNEL (1962) and related taxa are here examined in order to reorganize the systematics of the species of this region, divided by JEANNEL (1962) into many genera. LORENZ (1998) downgraded these genera to subgenera of Bembidion LATREILLE, 1802, in his catalog, where no explanation was given for these nomenclatorial acts. These acts are confirmed here in a more formal way, and brief systematic discussions are reported here to explain the reasons of their validity. After this downgrading, 13 species fall into secondary homonymy, and new names are proposed here for them. The nomenclatorial acts proposed in this work are: genera downgraded to subgenera of Bembidion: Nothocys JEANNEL, 1962, Notaphiellus JEANNEL, 1962, Notholopha JEANNEL, 1962, Pseudotrepanes JEANNEL, 1962, Nothonepha JEANNEL, 1962, Plocamoperyphus JEANNEL, 1962, Notoperyphus BONNIARD DE SALUDO, 1969. New synonymies: Bembidion subgen. Austronotaphus JEANNEL, 1962, syn.n. of Bembidion subgen. Notaphus STEPHENS, 1829, Bembidion subgen. Notaphidius JEANNEL, 1962, syn.n. of Bembidion subgen. Notaphus. Revised synonymies: Bembidion (Notaphus) olivieri (JEANNEL, 1962), syn. of B. (Notaphilellus) aereum (JEANNEL, 1962) as informally proposed by NÈGRE (1973), Bembidion (Notaphus) antarcticum FAIRMAIRE, 1889, valid name for Bembidion (Austronotaphus) luridum (BLANCHARD, 1853) (nec DUFTSCHMID, 1812), and not B. riparum KOLBE, 1907, as listed in LORENZ (1998), Bembidion (Notaphus) servillei SOLIER, 1849, good species nec synonym of Bembidion (Notaphus) bonariense GEMMINGER & HAROLD, 1868 (= laticolle BRULLÉ, 1849; montevideum GEMMINGER & HAROLD, 1868). Subgenera transferred to Bembidion from Notholopha: Bembidion subgen. Pacmophena JEANNEL, 1962. Subgenera transferred to Bembidion from Peryphus STEPHENS, 1829: Bembidion subgen. Antiperyphus JEANNEL, 1962, Bembidion subgen. Antiperyphanes JEANNEL, 1962, Bembidion subgen. Chilioperyphus JEANNEL, 1962. New names: Bembidion (Notaphus) lorenzi nom.n. for B. (Notaphus) stenoderum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. (Bracteon) stenoderum BATES, 1873, B. (Austronotaphus) ugartei nom.n. for B. (Austronotaphus) deplanatum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. (Trichoplataphus) deplanatum MORAWITZ, 1862, B. (Nothocys) jeannelicum nom.n. for B. (Nothocys) nitidum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. (Eudromus) nitidum (KIRBY, 1837), B. (Nothocys) sanandresi nom.n. for B. (Nothocys) marcidum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. marcidum CASEY, 1918, B. (Nothocys) bolsoni nom.n. for B. (Nothocys) coerulescens (NÈGRE, 1973), nec B. coerulescens DALLA TORRE, 1877, B. (Nothocys) paralongulum nom.n. for B. (Nothocys) longulum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. longulum LECONTE, 1848, B. (Notaphiellus) cekalovicianum nom.n. for B. (Notaphiellus) aereum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. aereum JACQUELIN DU VAL, 1851, B. (Pacmophena) penai nom.n. for B. (Pacmophena) kuscheli (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. (Austronotaphus) kuscheli (JEANNEL, 1962), B. (Pacmophena) renei nom.n. for B. (Pacmophena) tenuestriatum (JEANNEL, 1962), nec B. tenuestriatum FAIRMAIRE, 1876, B. (Antiperyphus) germainianum nom.n. for B. (Antiperyphus) germaini JEANNEL, 1962, nec B. germaini CSIKI, 1928, B. (Antiperyphanes) loscondesi nom.n. for B. (Antiperyphanes) nivale JEANNEL, 1962, nec B. (Testedium) bipunctatum ssp. nivale HEER, 1841, B. (Antiperyphanes) negreanum nom.n. for B. (Antiperyphanes) kaszabi NÈGRE, 1973, nec B. kaszabi JEDLICKA, 1961, B. (Notoperyphus) bonniardae nom.n. for B. (Notoperyphus) cekalovici BONNIARD DE SALUDO, 1969, nec B. (Notaphiellus) cekalovici JEANNEL, 1962.
BISTRÖM, O. & NILSSON, A.N. 2002: Herophydrus SHARP: cladistic analysis, taxonomic revision of the African species, and world check list (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae). p. 15
The taxonomy and systematics of the genus Herophydrus SHARP, 1882 in Africa are reviewed. At present, 39 species are recognized, of which three are non-African and one, H. musicus (KLUG), occurs both in Africa and outside the continent. A cladistic analysis of 47 taxa, including all available Herophydrus species, was undertaken. In total, 31 morphological characters were considered. The consensus tree produced suggests that Herophydrus is paraphyletic as Heroceras descarpentriesi (PESCHET), and the two species of Hygrotus (s.str.) are nested within Herophydrus. The result strongly indicates that the current generic classification of Hygrotini (or Hydroporini) needs further revision. All African species are described and male genitalia illustrated. A key to the African species (males), notes on distribution and ecology are given. Six new species are described: H. gigantoides sp.n. (Democratic Republic of the Congo), H. endroedyi sp.n. (South Africa), H. nigrescens sp.n. (South Africa), H. wewalkai sp.n. (Angola, Namibia, South Africa), H. bilardoi sp.n. (Botswana) and H. natator sp.n. (Angola, Namibia, Botswana). The following new synonymies are proposed: H. picturatus RÉGIMBART, 1903 = H. assimilis RÉGIMBART, 1895; H. erythraeus RÉGIMBART, 1904 = H. nodieri (RÉGIMBART, 1895); H. bifasciatus GSCHWENDTNER, 1932 = H. gigas RÉGIMBART, 1895; H. wahlbergi OMER-COOPER, 1956 = H. ovalis GSCHWENDTNER, 1932; H. catersi GUIGNOT, 1955 = H. kalaharii GSCHWENDTNER, 1935; H. sobrinus OMER-COOPER, 1931 and H. cooperi GSCHWENDTNER, 1938 = H. pallidus OMER-COOPER, 1931 (valid name); H. biseriatus RÉGIMBART, 1895 and H. poecilus RÉGIMBART, 1895 = H. spadiceus SHARP, 1882; H. ruficeps (BOHEMAN, 1848) and H. mutatus (GEMMINGER & HAROLD, 1868) = H. guineensis (AUBÉ, 1838); H. oscillator SHARP, 1882, H. coelamboides RÉGIMBART, 1895 and H. labiosus GUIGNOT, 1950 = H. inquinatus (BOHEMAN, 1848); H. paradoxus GSCHWENDTNER, 1932 = H. rohani PESCHET, 1924. Lectotypes are designated for Coelambus interruptus SHARP, C. muticus SHARP, Herophydrus biseriatus RÉGIMBART, H. capensis RÉGIMBART, H. catersi GUIGNOT, H. confusus RÉGIMBART, H. cooperi GSCHWENDTNER, H. expressus GSCHWENDTNER, H. heros SHARP, H. hyphoporoides RÉGIMBART, H. ignoratus GSCHWENDTNER, H. kalaharii GSCHWENDTNER, H. mutatus GEMMINGER & HAROLD, H. obscurus SHARP, H. oscillator SHARP, H. pallidus OMER-COOPER, H. poecilus RÉGIMBART, H. ritsemae RÉGIMBART, H. rohani PESCHET, H. sjostedti RÉGIMBART, H. sobrinus OMER-COOPER, H. spadiceus SHARP, H. variabilis RÉGIMBART, Hydroporus musicus KLUG, H. ruficeps BOHEMAN, and Hyphidrus [!] guineensis AUBÉ. The subspecies H. gigas discrepatus GUIGNOT, 1954 is now ranked as a separate species. The species status of H. ignoratus GSCHWENDTNER, 1933 and H. kalaharii GSCHWENDTNER, 1935 is restored.
REINTJES, N. & PEDERZANI, F. 2002: Seventeen records of Noteridae and Dytiscidae new to the Ivory Coast, West Africa. p. 113
Aquatic beetles in the families Noteridae and Dytiscidae have been collected by the first author from waters in the southern part of the Comoé National Park (Ivory Coast, West Africa). Records of 17 species new to the Ivory Coast, including three new for West Africa, are reported here. These are Canthydrus koppi WEHNCKE, Hydrocanthus parvulus GSCHWENDTNER, Hyphydrus caryerus GUIGNOT and H. signatus SHARP, Hydroglyphus speculum BRUNEAU DE MIRÉ & LEGROS, H. intermedius BISTRÖM and H. angularis (KLUG), Yola enigmatica OMER-COOPER, Yolina chopardi GUIGNOT, Herophydrus sudanensis GUIGNOT, Copelatus epactus GUIGNOT, Eretes sticticus (LINNÉ), Hydaticus bivittatus CASTELNAU, Cybister mocquerysi RÉGIMBART, C. nigroolivaceus ZIMMERMANN, C. senegalensis AUBÉ and C. buqueti AUBÉ. Based on literature data the distribution for each species is given and West African records are listed.
SHAVERDO, H.V. 2002: New data on the distribution of some species of Agabus LEACH and Ilybius ERICHSON. p. 123.
New data on the distribution of nine species of Agabus LEACH and one species of Ilybius ERICHSON are provided.
SCHILLHAMMER, H. 2002: Three new Oriental species of Hesperus FAUVEL (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). p. 127.
Three new species of Hesperus FAUVEL, 1874 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae) are described from South-east Asia: Hesperus kovaci (W-Malaysia), H. temburong (E-Malaysia) and H. wemmeri (Myanmar). The aedeagi of all new species, and of H. malayanus CAMERON are illustrated. A habitus illustration of H. wemmeri as well as photographs of H. kovaci in its natural environment are provided. The bionomics of H. kovaci are described in detail.
SOLODOVNIKOV, A.Yu. 2002: Taxonomy and faunistics of some species of Quedius STEPHENS, 1829 from the Caucasus and Asia Minor (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). p. 137.
The paper provides taxonomic, diagnostic, distributional and bionomic data for eight species of Quedius STEPHENS, 1829 (subgenera Distichalius CASEY, 1915 sensu SMETANA 1971, Microsaurus STEPHENS, 1835 sensu SMETANA 1971 and Raphirus STEPHENS, 1835 sensu SMETANA 1971) distributed in the Caucasus and Asia Minor. Type material of the following taxa was revised: Quedius abkazicus COIFFAIT, 1963; Q. distincticolor GRIDELLI, 1924; Q. grouziacus COIFFAIT, 1969; Q. grouziacus var. borjoniensis COIFFAIT, 1969; Q. grouziacus var. rizensis COIFFAIT, 1977; Q. ledouxi COIFFAIT, 1977; Q. limbatus erdcyasicus KORGE, 1971; Q. limbatus ponticus KORGE, 1964; Q. minor HOCHHUTH, 1849; Q. obscuriceps COIFFAIT, 1967; Q. omissus COIFFAT, 1977; Q. plagifer EPPELSHEIM, 1889; Q. potockajae COIFFAIT, 1967; Q. rubripennis BERNHAUER, 1901; Q. suramensis EPPELSHEIM, 1880; Q. umbripennis GRIDELLI, 1924. A lectotype is designated for Q. distincticolor. The previously accepted synonymy, Q. vulneratus GEMMINGER & HAROLD, 1868 (senior synonym) = Q. plagifer (junior synonym) is confirmed. The following nine new synonymies are established (senior synonym listed first): Q. minor = Q. distincticolor; Q. puncticollis THOMSON, 1867 = Q. rubripennis; Q. suramensis = Q. grouziacus; Q. umbrinus ERICHSON, 1839 = Q. umbripennis; Q. vulneratus = Q. abkazicus; Q. suturalis KIESENWETTER, 1845 = Q. obscuriceps; Q. limbatus HEER, 1834 = Q. limbatus ponticus = Q. limbatus erdcyasicus = Q. potockajae = Q. ledouxi. The problem of the proper subgeneric placement of Q. suramensis and allied species of the Q. lateralis species group is discussed.
JÄCH, M.A. 2002: Revison of the Palearctic species of the genus Ochthebius LEACH XXI. Taxonomic notes on the O. andraei species group (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae). p. 159
New taxonomic notes on the Ochthebius andraei species group (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) are presented: Ochthebius inelegans sp.n. is described from northeastern Turkey (Kars) and northwestern Iran (Azarbaijan); O. elegans JANSSENS, 1969 is synonymized with O. cupricollis SAHLBERG, 1903. The distal lobe of the aedeagus of O. cupricollis is illustrated for the first time.
JÄCH, M.A. 2002: First record of Epimetopidae in Laos (Coleoptera: Epimetopidae). p. 161
Eumetopus schuelkei sp.n. (Coleoptera: Epimetopidae) is described from Laos. The family Epimetopidae is recorded for the first time from Laos. A revised key to the species of the genus Eumetopus BALFOUR-BROWNE is presented.
IVIE, M.A. & JÄCH, M.A. 2002: A new species of Eulichas JACOBSON from Vietnam (Coleoptera: Eulichadidae). p. 165
Eulichas milleri sp.n. (Coleoptera: Eulichadidae) is described from Vietnam, and its relationship to other Eulichas JACOBSON is discussed. The type locality of Eulichas incisicollis PIC is corrected to the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.
SKALICKY, S. 2002: New species and new records of Heteroceridae from Argentina and Paraguay (Coleoptera: Heteroceridae). p. 169
Nine new species of Heteroceridae (Coleoptera) are described from South America: Heterocerus drechseli [Paraguay], H. pachecoi [Paraguay], Tropicus alpacinchensis [Argentina], T. boqueronensis [Paraguay], T. boukali [Paraguay], T. hanae [Paraguay], T. paraguayensis [Paraguay], T. sanisidroensis [Paraguay] and T. triangulus [Paraguay]. Heterocerus similis GROUVELLE, 1892, H. ciliaticollis STEINHEIL, 1869, H. woodruffi PACHECO, 1975, Tropicus bartolozzii MASCAGNI, 1994 and T. imperator PACHECO, 1964 are reported from Paraguay for the first time.
CALDARA, R. & KOROTYAEV, B.A. 2002: Taxonomic revision and reconstructed phylogeny of the weevil genus Nanomicrophyes PIC, 1908 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Curculioninae). p. 183
The poorly known genus Nanomicrophyes PIC, 1908 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is studied in detail for the first time; its placement in the tribe Cionini is confirmed. On the basis of a phylogenetic analysis it appears to retain most plesiomorphic character states of this tribe, but to possess also some distinctive autapomorphies, by which it can be easily separated from the more homogeneous generic assemblage of the rest of the tribe. Nanomicrophyes is shown to be monobasic, since N. alutaceus (REITTER, 1881) is newly synonymized with N. cyanipennis (WEISE, 1880).
RHEINHEIMER, J. 2002: Die Gattungen Exonotus und Gloeodema aus Südostasien (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cossoninae). p. 197
A key to the species of Exonotus WOLLASTON and Gloeodema WOLLASTON (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cossoninae) is presented. Stereotribodes drescheri VOSS is redescribed and transferred to Exonotus. Stereotribodes VOSS is regarded as a junior synonym of Exonotus. Gloeodema ruficollis WOLLASTON is removed from synonymy with G. spatula WOLLASTON and reinstated as a separate species.
GREBENNIKOV, V.V. 2002: Beetle collecting in Kenya (Coleoptera). p. 205
In October-November 2001 the author visited Kenya for extensive beetle collecting on Mt. Elgon, Mt. Kenya and the Kakamega forest. He also visited the major beetle collection of the country, hosted in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology of the National Museum in Nairobi. The process of obtaining Kenyan collecting and exporting permits is described. Three collecting sites are described: Mt. Elgon, Kakamega Forest and Mt. Kenya. Kenya is recommended for perspective beetle studies as a researcher-friendly country.
JÄCH, M.A., LEDERWASCH, M. & SCHUH, R. 2002: Bemerkenswerte Käferfunde aus Österreich (XI) (Coleoptera). p. 209
Faunistic data of 13 species of Coleoptera (Dytiscidae, Hydraenidae, Hydrophilidae, Elmidae, Pyrochroidae) from Austria are provided. One species of Dytiscidae, Agabus biguttulus (THOMSON), and one species of Hydraenidae, Aulacochthebius narentinus (REITTER), are recorded from Austria for the first time. New provincial records: Dytiscidae: Hydroporus scalesianus STEPHENS (Burgenland), Ilybius neglectus (ERICHSON) (Carinthia), Hydraenidae: Hydraena britteni JOY (Upper Austria), Hydraena morio KIESENWETTER (Upper Austria), Ochthebius exsculptus GERMAR (Tyrol), Elmidae: Elmis rioloides (KUWERT) (Tyrol), Riolus cupreus (MÜLLER) (Tyrol), Stenelmis canaliculata (GYLLENHAL) (Tyrol), Pyrochroidae: Agnathus decoratus GERMAR (Carinthia). Details about the rediscovery of Agnathus decoratus in Austria after more than 100 years are presented.
SCHMID, H. 2002: In memoriam Ernst Fuchs (1910 - 2000). p. 210