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Monographs on Coleoptera

Jäch, M.A. & Balke, M. (eds.): Waterbeetles of New Caledonia

The uniqueness of the fauna and flora of New Caledonia is virtually unparalleled. For instance, no other region in the world encompasses a similarly high floral endemism in relation to its land coverage!

The WATER BEETLES OF NEW CALEDONIA had so far been studied very poorly. For instance, in the second half of the 20th century only five new species of water beetles were described from that Archipelago.

Volume 3 of the Monographs on Coleoptera is entirely dedicated to the Water Beetles of New Caledonia. Based mainly on two field surveys carried out by the editors, Manfred A. Jäch and Michael Balke in 2001 and 2009, the knowledge of the Water Beetles of New Caledonia is updated.

This book includes 23 taxonomic/faunistic papers authored by 19 experts from 12 countries. A total of 58 new species (Dytiscidae: 28, Hydrophilidae: 17, Scirtidae: 12, Limnichidae: 1) is described from New Caledonia, all of them being endemic! In addition, six species are described from other Indo-Pacific Islands (Bacan, Ceram, Fiji, New Guinea, Wallis & Futuna). Four genera and seven species are newly recorded from New Caledonia in this volume. One endemic species, Berosus distigma Fauvel (Hydrophilidae), has not been collected since more than a hundred years and it is therefore regarded as extinct. Several other species are threatened with extinction.

This book is richly illustrated. It includes 161 excellent color photographs (98 beetles, 63 habitat pictures). Furthermore, distribution maps are provided for all 124 New Caledonian species treated.


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